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Wind and kite surfing are quite popular in Naxos and they have formed their own clubs, at the point where they have established a pretty respectable fanbase and pretty well organized as well. There are 3 major centres  that you can visit. The Saint George lagoon, the Small Vigla, and the plaka beach. 

The lagoon beach has swallow waters that are perfect for amateurs, in combination with a perfect wind that makes surfing easy and smooth if this is the first time you are getting on a surfboard for the first time. Moreover, it's located really close to the Chora, so it is really easy to visit. 

In the Parthena Beach of Small Vigla you will find some of the strongest winds on the island. It's ideal for more devoted fans of the sport since it is specifically organised for windsurfers with expert trainers on the sport and fully recognized from the IKO (International Kite boarding Organization) as well as a repair shop and a storage space for surf boards. 


The Plaka beach has an ideal combination of wind and swallow waters, making the waves ideal for people with a small experience on the sport. A beach that is easily accessible with a car as it has a parking space and rental equipment.

So, if you are looking to start your windsurfing adventures in Naxos, or you are a Veteran, your choices are more than enough, and the island wont dissapoint you.







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Studios Naxos

studios Naxos
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